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Drive smart, drive hard

All great athletes have coaches to continually push the limit of their abilities and drivers are no different. Driving legends in Formula 1, Champ Car, IRL, and Nascar have always relied upon coaches to help distill information from the track and the car into long term adjustments in strategy and technique.

Driven by
Data and

Data analysis = objective direction

Data doesn’t lie. Technology can provide deep insights into what you and your car are doing second by second and lap by lap. Jeff Westphal will take a deep dive beyond the nuts and bolts of racing and provide insights that can’t be found by other means.

Programs & Classes

Track days

Receive private coaching from Jeff at your next track day or club weekend. Whether in the pits or in the car, Jeff can identify pain points and work with you on the spot to adjust or mitigate problems he sees and feels in your vehicle and your technique.

Data analysis

Jeff will help you take all of the data acquired from your time on the track and break it down into a set of improvements. Whether these improvements are adjustments to car or technique, you will learn information that translates directly into results.

Professional events

Add a valuable member to your team whose experience in thinking on his feet and adjusting course when required will be a critical asset to winning races. Jeff can assist you at your next professional event with spotting or technique assistance.

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