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2020 Season Announcement

Capitalizing on stellar performances in 2019, the 2020 season has shaped up to be Westphal’s busiest one yet, with competition in 4 championships planned; Imsa Michelin Pilot Challenge – 2019 defending champions Team: Carbahn with Peregrine Racing Car: Audi R8 GT4 Co-Driver: Tyler Mcquarrie 10 Races (Two 4HR events, Eight 2HR events) Imsa North American […]


Get into the driver’s seat

Let Jeff Westphal put his knowledge and experience of vehicle dynamics and data analysis to work for you. Optimize your skill set and become a better, faster, and safer driver. Learn how to read the track and your car and turn the information available to you into a winning strategy.


Whether in side-by-side ride alongs, spotting, or technique assistance, a trained eye is crucial to elevating your driving abilities, no matter your experience level.


Racing well requires more than just a fast car. It takes a team to push both car and driver to the front. Learn what your car is telling you and how to turn it into results.

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