Carbon Autowork & Peregrine Racing Hire Westphal for 2018 Continental Sportscar Calendar

For Immediate Release-


Jeff Westphal Racing is happy to announce a new partnership for 2018, with Steve Dinan of Carbahn Autoworks, Peregrine Racing and Audi Sport Usa, to contest the 2018 Imsa Continental Sports Car Challenge Championship with the new Audi R8 GT4.

The Imsa Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge is an all Sportscar based endurance race series, 8 races of 2+ hours, and 2 races of 4 hours in duration, in a multi driver format. Manufacturers like: Mclaren, Porsche, Aston Martin, Ford, Chevy, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes AMG all have a presence in this GT4 based “Grand Sport or GS” class. Beyond the 30+ GS cars, there are the new TCR style cars, as well as ST “Street Tuner” cars in the field as well, each competing amongst themselves for top honors while sharing the track with the other two classes.

“Assembling a new team is always a challenge, but I have worked with everyone involved for years at different times throughout my career, so I am confident that everyone will settle into their individual roles and we will have a top notch program by the time the green flag drops.” Explained Westphal.

“The series this year has grown exponentially since 2017, and I expect it to continue to get bigger which means there will be a real art or balance to maintaining a quick racecar while staying out of trouble with the other cars in your class, or the other classes racing simultaneously.   However with my experience at Nurburgring, I feel I’ve been through the hardest situations a driver can be presented with, so this should be like a casual stroll.” Said Jeff.

Jeff drove with co-driver Tyler Mcquarrie for Steve Dinan in the former Insight Racing. The addition of Audi specific crew members will assist the program in gathering all the data around their new Audi R8 GT4 Racecar.

Peregrine Racing is a new partnership with Sameer Gandhi and Mark Siegel, whom have purchased the assets and will race along side Jeff and Tyler at select events throughout the year. The team is gearing up for the first race at Daytona International Speedway, Jan 26th ahead of the Daytona 24HR race. This will be the Audi R8’s maiden outing in the US since it’s introduction to the world late 2017.

We would like to thank our partners: Sparco USA, Bell Racing USA, Hammer Nutrition, TNVC inc, Rylo, Audi Sport, Menlo Ventures, Accel Partners, Aero Paint



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